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John Curtin Reveals 2 More Of Your Money Mistakes In Plain Sight

First of all, there’s this: Health insurance is set to now become part of our tax preparation process. This is the opening salvo. If you have friends who received one of these notices, we can help. Send them our way: 410-203-2201 But moving on, I wrote a few weeks ago about the hidden financial mistakes […]

John Curtin Uncovers Your Money Mistakes In Plain Sight

In the course of our daily work here at John S. Curtin CPA Chartered, we not only work with tax forms and legal/financial documents a TON … but we also get a regular crash course, via those documents, on how people (our clients, mostly) have arrived to the place where they actually have something to […]

John Curtin’s Useful Financial Guardrails for College Families

It’s FOOTBALL SEASON (apparently). And, of course, colleges are getting back into the swing of things. For better or worse, often our college-aged children haven’t been “burned” enough by the real world (I mean, of course, as opposed to the weird social media world many of them inhabit) for them to understand how financial complacency […]

Ellicott City, MD Tax Expert on Making Sure Your 2014 Taxes Are Done Right

Labor day comes at me like a rush, every year. There’s a corporate tax deadline on the 15th of September to keep me busy and focused … but the truth of the matter is that the beginning of fall means that my team and I start to get real focused now. Winter is coming. (Which […]