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John Curtin’s Financial Independence 2: No More Surprises

Last week, we talked about having a sure hand. Even if your take-home income is very high — we all need controls on our spending so our spending doesn’t control us. And I want to be clear: I have NOTHING against becoming very rich, but I am much more interested that all of us (myself very […]

John Curtin’s Financial Independence 1: Avoiding Budget Busters

If my inbox over the past holiday weekend is any barometer, there is a LOT of talk about independence. And rightly so, of course, given what we celebrated. But too much of the talk around financial independence surrounds GETTING … when it should be about “keeping”. You see, in my opinion as a tax professional, […]

John Curtin’s 13 Ways To Avoid Capital Gains Tax

Because most savvy Ellicott City, MD people (or at least those who have a smart Ellicott City, MD area tax pro in their corner ) can decide the timing and amount of capital gains they choose to realize each year, the capital gains tax is considered by many economists to be very “elastic”. And as […]

John Curtin Wants You To Get a Little Radical: Investing In Gratitude

Yes, yes — I’m sure we all woke up here in sunny Ellicott City, MD this morning wondering how to do exactly that. Well, I’m going to answer it for you … but because it’s my hope that it will give you vision for beyond just one Peruvian man — and also for the way […]