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John Curtin’s Top 5 Ways to Confront Worries

First, I’d like to put out a little mini-fire that’s been raging on the interwebs a little: No — Federal tax refunds are NOT being delayed until October 15, 2015. Sometimes, satire is so close to what’s *actually* happened that it takes on a level of “truthiness” that gives it legs. That’s what happened here. […]

Estate Planning’s Best Outcome, According to John Curtin

I wrote last week on estate planning, and well … the response was such that I’m returning to the topic today. This time, for some “bigger picture” words on the subject. But before I get there, IMPORTANT TAX NOTE: Personal returns that were extended back in “tax season” are due WEDNESDAY, October 15th. That means […]

Will, Trust, Or Nothing: John Curtin Helps You Weigh Your Options

I’ve recently received some emails expressing confusion about the current estate tax situation, and implications for elderly parents. The facts are that many people will be caught uninformed about *exactly* what their options are for their families when they deal with caring for the elderly, esp. as it relates to their finances and estate. One […]

John Curtin Reveals 2 More Of Your Money Mistakes In Plain Sight

First of all, there’s this: Health insurance is set to now become part of our tax preparation process. This is the opening salvo. If you have friends who received one of these notices, we can help. Send them our way: 410-203-2201 But moving on, I wrote a few weeks ago about the hidden financial mistakes […]